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Emma Lovewell is a star instructor at Peloton, a global fitness brand and media content company, but her journey to success began with a simple realization: Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. She chose to grow. In Live Learn Love Well, she shares the moments in her life that shaped her into the woman she is today—from growing up in a modest home amidst the affluence of Martha's Vineyard, to struggling with her biracial identity and fitting in, both in the white community and the Asian-American community, to health setbacks and relationship challenges, to moving to New York and striving for a career in dance and fitness. 

Just as Lovewell is more than a fitness instructor, she's learned that wellness is more than just a physical condition. She shares the moments where mental fortitude shaped her outlook on the world, and how the idea of “progress, not perfection” became a guiding principle.

Filled with surprising insights, charming anecdotes and never-before-shared moments, Live Learn Love Well is for anyone who feels stuck or overwhelmed, who worries there’s too much to change to even get started, or who simply needs a little inspiration to make tomorrow better than today. Lovewell’s stories, along with her easy-to-initiate tips, will give readers the confidence to know that even the smallest modifications can have truly outsized impacts on their lives and wellness.


Author Bio: Emma Lovewell is the founder of Live Learn Lovewell, a Peloton instructor, an Under Armour athlete, and an all-around health and wellness expert who is dedicated to teaching others how to feel good in their bodies and live their best lives.



Additional Praise for LIVE LEARN LOVE WELL & Emma Lovewell


“In LIVE LEARN LOVE WELL, Emma Lovewell’s vulnerability and storytelling is a wonderful backdrop for the wisdom and inspiration in this book. Part memoir, part advice, I walked away with some wonderful life lessons.” Eve Rodsky, New York Times bestselling author of Fair Play and Find Your Unicorn Space


"Wise and motivating, LIVE LEARN LOVE WELL is a memoir about the journey towards wholeness. I was already a fan of Emma the Peloton instructor, but Emma the writer is even more captivating.  Prepare to be inspired!" Elin Hilderbrand, New York Times bestselling author of The Hotel Nantucket


“Imagine a road trip with your effortlessly cool, yet inviting best friend, that leaves you ready for adventure, at peace with imperfection, and excited about ramen and gardening. LIVE LEARN LOVEWELL is both memoir and guide, punctuated with Emma’s tales of love, loss, and wanderlust, leaving us excited to turn the next page of our own stories.” Robin Arzón, New York Times bestselling author of Shut Up and Run and the Strong Mama series


This memoir gave me a rich understanding of what it really took for Emma to develop her seemingly “effortless” confidence and balance (spoiler alert: it wasn’t effortless). I felt a deep connection to Emma’s stories about learning to use her voice and to embrace her unique identity in a world where she often struggled to fit in. Inspiring, relevant, and authentic to the core, this book is for anyone who wants to cultivate inner strength and embrace their whole self.” Tunde Oyeneyin, New York Times bestselling author of Speak


“Reading LIVE LEARN LOVE WELL felt like catching a little spark of Emma in my hands. This memoir can help any reader learn to enjoy the little wins and tackle the harder challenges. Live Learn Love Well left me feeling energized and inspired.” Cody Rigsby


“Emma Lovewell's memoir is a love letter to fitness, food, travel, and the relationships that mean the most to us––especially the one we build and sustain with ourselves. This book is a treasure brimming with empathy, wisdom, and the inspiration to embrace life in all its pain and joy. Reading it nourished my soul.” Carola Lovering, bestselling author of Tell Me Lies