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The producers of the Beach Road Weekend are seeking input from abutters and residents from the area around Veterans Memorial Park regarding how to produce the music festival, while protecting the quality of life, and the safety of the abutting homes and neighborhoods.


Because no directory exists of neighbors in the immediate area of the park, and many homeowners are not present year-round, we are creating a directory so that we may know how to reach those residents who wish to be contacted, and would like to share opinions, advice or feedback.  Our end goal is that as the plan is being established it incorporates the advice and opinions of those in the immediate area.


Please understand that we are still in the research phase of the planning of the festival’s traffic and layout strategy. The plan is not final at this time.
Research is being conducted via open conversations in public, and we value every constructive proposal for how to ensure a fun, safe event.


Open communication is critical and every opinion matters to us.  The eventual plan will come together with advice from townspeople, the police, fire, Dept of Public Works, Traffic Safety and Emergency Services.  So, we encourage you to sign up here and become a contributor to the conversation, so we can incorporate your concerns.


Once the initial plan is outlined, a meeting will be held with those that live around the park to hear their opinions and to offer modifications.  That meeting will happen in late May, approximately three months prior to the festival.

We will use the information you submit to communicate directly to you, and to bring your attention to public meeting I mention above, at which we will detail the draft of plans regarding the festival.  Your information will not be used for marketing purposes and will be securely stored.  If you have any concerns about submitting your information here, please email Adam Epstein directly at [email protected] and he will contact you directly.


Thank you for letting your voice be heard so we can help design our plan to your satisfaction.




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