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  • Patriot Boat tickets can be bought at checkout on Ticketmaster 
  • Departure time – 7 pm
  • Expected return time – See schedule below
  • Trip time – 20 min
  • Dock location in Falmouth- All parking for each trip will be located at 180 Scranton Avenue, Falmouth, MA 02540. The boat is docked at 227 Clinton Avenue, Falmouth, MA 02540 which will be a 5-7 minute walk south on Scranton Ave. The Quickwater boat will be located right in front of the Patriot Party Boat office
  • Dock Location in MV – Oak Bluffs Harbor - 10 Circuit Avenue Extension, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557
  • A representative from the Loft will be there to check in Patriot Boat ticket holders

Questions regarding Patriot Boat Tickets, email:  or call: 508.936.2929 and leave a voice mail and a MVCS representative will get back to you.